Live Receptionists

Virtual Receptionist in Coral Gables

Visit Our Office and Take a Tour

The best way to experience how Office Edge Coral Gables can help you with your business is to visit the office for a tour.  Each feature will be explained and demonstrated and your questions answered. You will be able to meet the virtual assistants and office adminstrative staff who will be woking with you and your clients.

Your Office, Your Way

The way we handle your phones is highly customizable. And each member of your firm can update their preferences as frequently as necessary.  So contact us today to discuss your unique business needs.

One Call At A Time

Our Live Receptionist solution delivers the same level of excellence in business phone reception and support that you'd expect from your most valuable employees. We've built our reputation one call at a time, dedicating ourselves to being the best receptionist you've ever had.

Highly Affordable

Live Receptionist service is surprisingly affordable. Call Office Edge Coral Gables at (305) 777-0200 for rates.

Live Receptionists

We don't just answer calls—we represent your company. The difference? Professionalism. Attention to detail. Multi-lingual service. Every caller will feel as if they are your most important client.

Your clients won't believe that your receptionist isn't physically in the office with you. You'll love our 'Follow Me Communications' for its amazing flexibility. We can announce calls to your office, your cell phone, your home, your hotel or any other number you've specified. Each member of your company can update us on their whereabouts throughout the day, choosing to stay in touch as much or as little as they prefer.  Your Live Receptionist from Office Edge ensures a first-class receptionist wherever your business takes you. And your clients will need just one contact number for you, making it easy for them to do business with you.

How it works

Custom Phone Reception and Support

With our unqiue Live Receptionist solution, your calls are answered in the name of your company or any other greeting you'd like. We screen each call according to your exact instructions; dial your number, and announce the call to you. It's the same connectivity and performance you'd expect from hiring a live, full-time receptionist, with the exception that we don't physically come to your office. It works with any phone system and any number of employees, providing individualized support to each member of your company.

Full Coverage and No Busy Signals

Since our Live Receptionist service is empowered by a trained team of professional receptionists, you'll never have to worry about gaps in your phone coverage due to lunch breaks, vacations or even sick days. In addition, we have roll-over lines for incoming calls, so your callers never receive a busy signal.

Plus Complete Executive Services

Office Edge can do much more than manage your calls, providing a full complement of Executive Support Services.

Flexible Virtual Offices

Coral Gables Virtual Office Activity

Our virtual offices are the perfect solution for your business meetings, mail and address services.

Professional Call Management


Every incoming call is handled thoroughly and professionally, and according to your preferences.

Well-Appointed Executive Suites


Whether you're starting up or expanding your business, our comfortable, modern offices enhance your success.

Complete Business Services


Your virtual assistant provides a full range of business services that enable you to work smarter.